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About Us

Our Team

Saiba Medical Center Pvt Ltd has a team of experienced medical professionals and software developers.

Our medical professionals  are dedicated to providing the best possible health checkup services to our customer in Nepal.

Our inhouse software developers are experienced and highly skilled in providing a customized solution for your medical equipment throughout Nepal. Almost 2 decades of experience in medical field  has equipped Saiba Medical to be able to offer the necessary integration and customisation service for any medical institution or professionals. Please contact us via Contact section.

Our state of the art testing facility is fully equipped with latest machineries to accurately make the tests.

Pre-Departure Checkups

Saiba Medical is approved by the GCC to perform pre-departure checkups for candidates seeking jobs in GCC states. Our medical professionals are experienced in conducting comprehensive medical exams to ensure that candidates meet the required health standards for employment in GCC states. Contact us to schedule your pre-departure checkup today.

Our Tests

Customized Medical Equipment Software

Saiba medical has grown itself to provide vital customization for critical medical equipment used at hospitals, care homes and health check up centres. Saiba has tried to reduce the need to outsource customization and programming of the critical medical equipment and has helped home grown developers to realise their dreams for mutual benefit. Contact us to demonstrate some of our works.

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